Adventures in Digital Technologies: Reflecting with Flippity

Flippity is a great little tool that turns a Google spreadsheet into, well, a LOT of options for reflection and review. I love being able to use a tool that is both easy and free, and Flippity checks both of those boxes!

The first thing I tried was a hangman game using the names of the technologies I’ve been looking at.  Here’s the link:

Flippity Flower Power Hangman game.

I also created a word search game.  I LOVE word searches, and have used them to review vocabulary when tutoring ESL students, and I think they are great tools.  One caveat: Flippity’s word searches are meant to be printed, not played online.  I still think it’s a really nice option to have for face-to-face classes (not every activity needs to take place on a screen!).

Technology word search.

Their word search tool was the same. Not the greatest for online learning, but still valuable for face-to-face classes.

Flippity Word Search puzzle and solution.

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