Adventures in Digital Technologies: Padlet and Answer Garden

One of these technologies impressed me so much that I scribbled its name down on a post-it note and slapped it on my wall, creating basically an analog version of my new favorite program.

That program? Padlet.

This would make a great addition to just about any classroom.  It’s so interactive, fun, and to me really feels like a great case of technology really supporting the learning.  It has SO many possibilities for collaboration!

The first Padlet I created by using their map feature. I plotted out a few US National Parks and found myself in love. Anyone could easily hop on and add other parks or outdoor points of interest.  It could be used in a history lesson where each student could be given a topic (like one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world) and be expected to add to the map (you can add text, photo, and video!). 

Padlet interactive map of US National Parks.

I also created a message board about a class reading.  In theory, a teacher could create a similar board, make some initial posts to get discussion moving, and then have students add their thoughts and takeaways.  Students and teachers alike could easily share information, and in a really visually attractive way.

Padlet message board containing student thoughts on a chapter 4 reading.

I love Padlet. I will use it any chance I get.

I also decided to check out AnswerGarden.  I created a simple one, and sent it to a few friends to have them answer the question, “What do you like to study?” Here are their responses:

Word Cloud containing answers to the question 'What topics do you like to study?'

I thought this was a nice, easy way to connect with students and get anonymous responses. I did chuckle to myself when I noticed that one of the share buttons was for MySpace.  I wonder how long this has been around…

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