Adventures in Digital Technologies: Kahoot!, Quizizz, and

Everyone loves assessment. Right?


Well, if it can be loved, it can at least be made more interesting than scantron tests and pop quizzes!

For instance, Kahoot!  Much better than a scantron test. It’s really easy to use (and they give lots of tips and hints as to how to format things along the way).  This would definitely be a fun way to gamify formative assessment and have students compete for points.

I also checked out Quizizz to be able to compare it to Kahoot.  I can see how Quizizz could be a lot of fun for K-12 students (leaderboard after each questions, memes, etc), but I found a lot of that distracting.  Maybe I’m too old to really enjoy it properly?

I did REALLY like the assessment it gave to me while I was building my quiz:

Quizizz Quiz meta assessment.

I also checked out  Wow!  This was more than just formative assessment – this creates entire lessons.

I decided to create a worksheet to teach students the numbers 0-10 in French (including a video, a matching game, and a labeling exercise!).  It was a really nice, easy process, and I was able to create a short lesson pretty quickly!

I did NOT like the fact that I either had to make my worksheet public or pay for the service in order to assign it to learners.  I also had to do some digging to figure out how to view student results, so that could have been a little easier to find.  It also seems to make students create accounts in order to use the worksheets, and I’m not wild about that, either.

All in all, it does create a great lesson, and I can definitely see the value in it. student answer report. matching exercise.

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