Adventures in Digital Technologies: Google Sites and Flipgrid

Google Sites. Seriously, where has this been all my life?

It’s a nice, free option for students or teachers to create really lovely websites, and it has the bonus of being collaborative (you can share a link for people to edit).

I created a small site about studying/online learning.  I was easily able to insert a form, links, and a video.  This would be a great option if you were teaching a distance ed class and wanted your learners to collaborate on a website project.  I really appreciate both the formative assessment potential of adding google forms and how easy it is to create a nice looking site.

Here’s the link to the site I built:

I also (finally) checked out Flipgrid.  After talking about its potential with my classmates, I knew I needed to learn more about it.

I created a flipgrid for a beginner’s crochet class.  As the class goes on, people could actually show their classmates where they were struggling, and their classmates could show them how to solve their issues.  I feel like this program could be a very valuable tool for classes where you create a product (showing what you’re making, step by step). 

Flipgrid Crochet 101 Collaboration Grid.

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