Adventures in Digital Technologies: Exploring with Google Earth

Google Earth. I know. It’s been around since 2005. Sure, I’ve played around with it before, but never with with the mindset of an educator.

What an AMAZING resource this is for educators!

Google Earth’s Voyager is a resource goldmine.  Quizzes, articles, and games, including one of my childhood favorites, a spin on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? This game is a brilliant use of Google Earth technology as it includes geography, history, culture, and even science in one fun experience that kids (and this adult!) can really appreciate.

I also played with the projects feature.  I was able to create a project that included cities that my ancestors emigrated from:

Google Earth Map project featuring cities in Europe.

The project moves from city to city, and gives links to information on each city:

Google Earth Map featuring information on Osijek, Croatia.

This could be a great resource to use in not only a geography class, but also a history class.  Imagine creating a project that mapped out Genghis Khan’s conquests or Hannibal’s invasion of the Roman Empire.  This would really help students visualize history from a geographic perspective.

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